Microplate Coating System
Liquid Dispensing Systems
 High precision (better than 1% CV)
 Fast (as low as 0.1 sec/dispense)
 Easily maintained
 Designed for continuous use
 Gentle on biologicals and cells
 Virtually inert fluid paths
 Optional heated fluid paths
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Single Channel Dispensers
 Heated Single Channel Dispensers
 Multiple Channel Dispensers
 Vial Filling XYZ Systems
 Flip-Top Vial Filling & Capping
Liquid Dispensing Systems
We offer a wide range of liquid dispensing products for quick and
precise filling of vials, microplates, test tubes, and more. These
systems are offered with any number of pump channels and are
designed for "roll up and plug in" integration into new or existing
production lines. Reservoirs, with integral liquid level sensors, can
be attached for batch operation or else continuous replenishment
from a central supply. Bubble detection and noninvasive ultrasonic
fill verification systems are also offered.
 User-friendly interface
 Adjustable pump speeds
 Adjustable fill volumes
 Adjustable drawback (for drop cutoff)
 Repeat cycling (adjustable delays)
 Remote cycle start
 Easily intergrated with automation