Microplate Coating System
Microplate Processing Automation
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System features: one-person operation; speeds up to 1200 plates per hour; modular design,
selectable activation of stations; flexible fill, wash, and aspirate patterns; complete process data
acquisition; and state-of-the-art performance and reliability.
●  M3
●  M10
●  M14
●  Microplate Hotels
Microplate Processing Automation
We specialize in microplate processing automation, from simple
tabletop units to high speed multi-function conveyors. Available
functions include: liquid handling (for coating, washing, and
blocking), incubations, drying, lid or seal application, printing text
and bar codes on frames and tabs, color coding well tops, bubble
detection, ultrasonic fill verification, weight checks, and more.
Multi-day processes can be arranged on separate conveyors to
enable parallel processing of two separate batches on the same
day or they can be combined on a single shared conveyor.
 Microplate Color Coding System
 Microplate Reagent Addition System
 Versafill Dispensing System
 Combinatorial Chemistry
 High Throughput Screening