Microplate Coating System
Custom Automation
Test Tube Processing Automation
Liquid Dispensing Systems
Product Summary
Liquid Dispensing Systems
We offer a wide range of liquid dispensing products for quick and precise
filling of tubes, vials, microplates, and more. They are offered with single or
multiple pump channels and are easily integrated with other automation.
Reservoirs, with integral liquid level sensors and automated re-fill are an
available option. Air bubble detection and noninvasive ultrasonic fill
verification systems are also offered.
Test Tube Processing Automation
All of the microplate processing capabilities described above are available
for tube processing automation. We can supply tube racks or can adapt to
existing racks. The same standard system modules are used on all
systems. This facilitates equipment sharing and scaling up batch sizes.
Microplate Processing Automation
Microplate Processing Automation
Products range from simple tabletop units to high speed multi-function
conveyor systems. Numerous tasks can be automated on one or more
integrated system(s). Available functions include: liquid handling (coating,
washing, and blocking), static elimination, air bubble detection, ultrasonic fill
verification, weight checks, in line incubations, in line drying, lid or seal
application, label application, ink jet printing, or laser marking (of text, bar
codes, 2D matrix codes, or graphics) directly onto frames and strip tabs, color
coding of well tops or strip tabs, vision inspection, and more. This applies to
any standard or custom microplate or multi-well tray formats. The use of
interchangable system modules provides flexibility for multiple process
applications, good scale up potential, and cross system compatibility when
multiple systems are used.
Custom Automation
We also custom design instruments or systems to customer specification.
Utilizing standardized modules, systems are available that can be upgraded
to expand with your product, from research and development stages to full
production. Equipment ranges from a single pump to multiple function
systems that can process over 100,000 containers per hour.